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As a second-generation dog trainer Margaret has been involved in the canine industry from a young age, dedicating her life to the training and understanding of working dogs. A background in competitive dog sports has provided her an opportunity to learn and develop skills under the tutelage of a diverse group of industry leaders.  During her career, Margaret has successfully competed and titled dogs in multiple venues, including the American Kennel Club, IPO and the United States Dog Agility Association.  She is also an approved judge for the National Association of Canine Scent work and the Performance Scent Dogs organization.


            Margaret is an industry-leading canine trainer with over 17 years’ professional experience ranging from pet obedience, behavior modification, single purpose detection, multipurpose canines, body worn explosives detection and top-level training for competitive dog sports.


            Prior to founding Discovery K9, Margaret held sought after Senior Trainer positions at world-renowned training facilities including Auburn University Canine Detection Training Center, AMK9, Vapor Wake K9 and iK9. During this time, she trained, instructed and certified in excess of 2,500 dog and handler teams.

            There are few trainers in the industry today fortunate enough to have led such a diverse group of canine detection training programs. Margaret has trained dogs and instructed courses for the following distinctive clients in multiple government, law enforcement, scientific and commercial working dog programs:


•          Amtrak

•          Federal Protective Service

•          United State Capitol Police

•          New York Police Department

•          The Walt Disney Company

•          Transportation Security Administration

•          U.S. Department of Defense

•          U.S. Department of State

•          Customs and Border Patrol

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