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Ashley’s passion for canine training started at a very young age in her local 4-H where she trained her Australian Cattle Dog mix to State Championships in agility, obedience, tricks, and showmanship. Since then, Ashley has made it her passion in life to learn everything she could about dogs and how they learn. During her career, Ashley has had the honor of learning under some of the best canine trainers in the industry.  She has been in the forefront of the working dog industry, training explosive, narcotics, weapons, and body worn detection dogs and handlers for large organizations.

Ashley has over 10 years of experience and has trained an excess of 2,000 canine teams for various disciplines varying from, explosive detection, narcotic detection, canine scent work, pet obedience, behavior modification, body-worn detection, bio detection canines and multipurpose canines.

            Ashley is an esteemed subject matter expert in canine body-worn detection and has been instrumental at all levels of the body-worn program since its inception at Auburn University. Ashley has a wealth of knowledge in all facets of the detection canine training space to include narcotics, explosives, and firearms.  She serves as a National and International Instructor and Certification Authority for VWK9. She has trained some of the nations most recognized law enforcement officers and their canines and is considered one of the industry’s top trainers.

            Ashley has had the distinct honor to train and supervise the deployment of multiple canine teams at high profile events which include government entities, public and private corporations, state and local events, arenas, stadiums, professional and collegiate sports as well as a variety of entertainment venues.

            Ashley trained numerous pet obedience and personal protection dogs, from basic level obedience to advanced level obedience at Cedar Valley Canine. She has extensive knowledge on operant and classical conditioning and has taught a multitude of classes teaching others how to apply these principles.  Ashley is also a recognized judge for the National Association of Canine Scent Work (NACSW) and she is a certified AKC Good Citizen Evaluator and trainer.

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